The OWNERSHIP QUARRIES are situated in the best seams in the area (VALFONTANABUONA, Genoa - Italy) Were we extract and produce from generations exclusively ITALIAN SLATE OF SUPERIOR QUALITY, with hard composition, perfectly water-resistant, ecological, ice resistant, insulating against cold or hot, with pure and homogeneous colour and perfect for inside and external applications.

Angela and Donatella Mangini Industrial Complex covers an area of around 3200 mq and its the only one, in these field directed by two women entrepreneurs.
Modern technology combined with the competence of highly qualified personnel, position the Firm as sector leader. The technical analyses underline in positive, the substantial difference of quality of Ardesia Mangini Slate, compared to other Italian slates, and allow the use of the following Specials Warranties for a Natural Product of Italian Origin Highly Selected.

ARCODOCdqc. : Certification of Quality Slate Roofing and Wall Claddings.

T.Q.I.S. : Top-Quality Italian Slate.

GENUINE STONE : Differentiate Genuine Stone from Ceramic or Agglomerates.

ARTIGIANI IN LIGURIA : Ardesia della Val Fontanabuona Guarantee of material extract directly from the heart of the best Quarries from these Italian Region.

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